Artist's Statement

Art has always been a way to interpret and better understand the world around me.

My current work revolves around masks, and attempts to understand people. Masks, despite the great differences across cultures, have always served the purpose of obscuring the wearer's identity. At the same time, masks convey messages about its wearer, in a way that is unrelated to the wearer at all. My work imposes a mask, an outsider's interpretation of identity, upon each face.

I use thread for its softness and vibrancy, but also because it adds another dimension to the photographs: from the front, it floats above and pierces the picture plane, but also forms another "unintentional" design behind the obvious surface. The bright, soft lines also contrast with the dark, hard lines of the photographs, recalling the duality of identity and the fragility of the masks that so often hide our inner selves. 

In the future, I hope to bring these masks into 3D using wire, thread, and clay for a more organic style. I also hope to experiment more with technology and interactivity in my work, through projections and digital distortion.

Select designs available for purchase through Society 6.

For other inquiries, contact me at or through this form.