Who am I?

Born in New Haven, Conn. and raised in Shanghai, China, I have what could be called a “mish-mash” of a cultural background. For many years, I struggled with who I identified with and what made me me. So this is actually a very difficult question. Thanks a lot. Having not overcome that conflict at all in my near-20 years on this planet, I have settled into a routine of curiosity and exploration, determined to experience as many perspectives of reality as possible.

Now living simultaneously in Singapore and Ithaca, N.Y., I write about things that happen around me and make art about the things happening in my head.

Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Earth and Atmospheric Science at Cornell University.

I serve as the Design Editor of the Cornell Daily Sun, as well as a News and Science staff writer.

Occasionally, I write about my thoughts here. I am primarily concerned with the well-being of the world — be that the humans or non-human beings, the abiotic environment, or the intangible lurking beneath. Artistically, I am concerned with the expression of identity and emotion, again both human and inhuman.

Ultimately, I just want to save the world. Gotta keep your goals achievable, I guess.

Select designs available for purchase through Society 6.

For other inquiries, contact me at sx235@cornell.edu or through this form.