Just Skeletony Things: The Beginning

After realizing that the only way to force myself to continue drawing was to dangle my fear of disappointing others in front of my own face, I've decided to start a webcomic.

Comic 1

I've been drawing these little skeletons in notebooks, on my tablet, in the margins of textbooks, for as long as I could hold an ink pen. I have developed a genuine love for them and their pun-filled shenanigans, and so I thought it best to share that joy with the world.

The comic is titled "Just Skeletony Things" inspired by the popular "Just Girly Things" inspirational photo quotes-styled images. Don't skeletons deserve to revel in their own enjoyments, too? While previously confined to lined paper and dotted grids, the skeletons now have free roam of the infinite open whiteness that is digital space.

The road to actually promoting and spreading the love for skeleton antics has only just started. I have created an Instagram page and a Tumblr page, and have mentioned it on my other social media as well as in person to friends. Posting in school-related panels in a Facebook group has also been suggested as a way to spread the word, as well as posting on Reddit, just to test the waters. I also realize that I need to find a way of actually signing the comics. 

So far, reviews have been pretty good. The direction of the jokes seems to be a mix of more absurdist, bizarre humor and regular skeleton/bone-related puns, hopefully with more of the former in the future. This is an exciting start!

Log 6/30/2016

Jane didn't know yet. Jane didn't know anything yet. Sam hadn't worked up the nerve to tell her that morning before she had gone to work, and now looking at her stressed face (those fine lines hadn't been there yesterday, had they?), he couldn't stand being the one to cause her more pain and confusion. She deserved so much better. He drew in a sharp breath. There was nothing left to do but tell her. 

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Log 6/26/2016

Grayson wouldn't get up. His eyes were open, but Jenna knew he wouldn't get up again. She kept saying it to herself quietly as if that would make it easier to accept

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